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About Purpose

A corporate and contemporary visual framework powered by OctoberCMS.

Purpose has a selection of six preset theme styles with a diverse array of different background colors and shades to dramatically change the overall appearance.

Subtle animations on the various template elements provide enrichment to the site, such as the read more buttons. The template places content as the primary focus.

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Create and control content with Element Blocks.

There are thirty plus element blocks available to build, each with Purpose specific styling, such components as accordion, lists, tabs or Strips. Each element is a different content display model.

The custom administrative interface is available via pages on the menu manager, providing a rich and intuitive experience for controlling extensive aspects of elements per created page.

OctoberCMS plus our Purpose theme is a revolutionary approach to controlling your website’s content and images.

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Create a Menu item is simple as adding a page or sub-page

When creating a new web-page or create a sub-page for an element block. The Static Pages plug-in dynamically creates a menu item that’s relative to the main menu or drop-down descendant.

With Purpose theme and award-winning OctoberCMS, our philosophy “Getting back to basics” really matters to our products and clients.

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There are six preset theme style variations

The extensive style block controls allow you to select a background theme section color. In addition to any element, any order to make up your unique individual website expression. 

Purpose Extras

Page builder allows you to create your unique website look.
Easily place an Element within the block, any order or rearrange the order to meet your purpose.
" October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework "
OctoberCMS powered to build your next Purpose-driven website
You'll be surprised to see the results of your latest Purpose-driven creation.
The power of Purpose resides in You.

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Iesus Nicodemus

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I nunc erat autem homo ex Pharisaeis, Nicodemus nomine princeps hominis, qui est socius fuit consi...

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